Nov 18, 2020 Written by rui***(SG )

Afternote: The blue slim powerbank not working properly, charged ipad for 6 hrs, ipad 25% charged but powerbank already 75% drained. Submitted exchange request. The red one is really cute. Was already 70% charged when I opened it, so didn't too long to be fully charged. The blue one has a nice colour and slim built. Happy with physical appearance, what's left now is to see if they can last, and are 20k mAh (or close) as claimed.

Your Choice of Powerbank:(1) Demaco Mini 20000 mAh 3 outputs 2 LED Lights | Colour:Red(+S$4) | A) REMAX FULL SPEED 2 Data Cable:No Thanks | B) REMAX Cobra Laser Data Cable:No Thanks | C) Awei Fast Data Cable:No Thanks